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Sick of all those displeasing holes, cracks, and dents all over your walls?  Do you want to feel comfortable and confident inviting others into your home again? Don’t worry, beat up drywall is a very common problem in pretty much every household, and regular drywall repair is considered to be good home improvement & maintenance.  Here at J. Arena Enterprises, we know the importance of an aesthetically pleasing home interior.  Our drywall repair services have helped people all over Winthrop and Boston Massachusetts to bring their walls back to life and restore their confidence in their homes. 

What is Drywall?

Drywall is a key component of many homes.  It is used primarily in the construction of interior walls and ceilings. Drywall goes by many different names such as Sheetrock, wallboard, or plasterboard.  It is composed primarily of gypsum, which is a mineral that is usually found in deposits throughout the world. Now that you understand a little bit about drywall, it is important to understand why it is superior to its alternatives. 

Why drywall is superior to plaster

These days, drywall is universally considered superior to plaster for many reasons. The main benefits of drywall are

  • Ease of repair 
  • Increased durability
  •  Fire resistance for walls and ceilings  

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our Drywall Repair process in Boston MA

J. Arena Enterprises is exceptionally good with everything that has to do with drywall repair.  We follow a simple 3 step installation process to make sure your house is looking brand new in no time. 

Step 1: The Cutting Phase

We begin by taking measurements and so that we can determine how much drywall we need for the project. After the measurements have been marked, we proceed to cut the perfect sized piece of drywall.  

Step 2: The Hanging Phase

We attach the drywall sheets to the studs used to frame the area.  

Step 3: The Finishing Phase

Finally, we will apply 3 layers of mud to the drywall. This is to ensure that the new drywall is locked into place.  After the mud is applied, we wait about 24 hours for it to dry, and then we sand the surface until it is looking pristine.  


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