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Your search to find excellent home and handyman services, near Winthrop and Boston MA, for your home repair stops here.  We provide affordable professional handyman services out of Winthrop MA and the surrounding areas. Our team of Boston handymen will get those nagging jobs done right with the utmost quality, so that you have more time to do the things you love.


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We Are A Handyman Service in Winthrop MA, Helping Homeowners All Over Boston

We know the pain homeowners and businesses experience of having so many things to do, but so little time.  Located in Winthrop MA, J.Arena Enterprises believes that as a Boston homeowner, you should spend less time working and more time living. From interior painting to gutter cleaning to pressure washing, our Winthrop handyman service is designed to complete projects that are taking up a large amount of your hard-earned and well-deserved free time. We show up to every single project on time and we approach every single job with safety and expert workmanship in mind. The fierce attention we pay to every single detail of our homeowner’s project is one of the many reasons our customers leave a significant amount of positive reviews about our Boston handyman service.  Our hope is that with fewer chores on your list, you can spend more time doing the things you love.  We service Winthrop Massachusetts, the South Shore, South Eastern MA, Cape Cod, and the greater Boston area.

Are you feeling overwhelmed with your to-do list?  Why not let one of our experienced Boston handymen at J.Arena Enterprises lighten your load.  Call us at 617-395-8686 or fill out the contact form and take the first step towards taking your free time back.

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J.Arena Enterprises specializes in a wide variety of handyman services, home improvement, general home repair, and maintenance in Winthrop MA, and the greater Boston area.  Our professional home and handyman services are designed to help keep your home in tip-top shape all year round.  Whether you are ready to undertake a home improvement project or simply just looking to check off some boxes on your honey-do list, we have the service for you.   Our team will do the preparation, complete the task, and perform the necessary cleanup to give you back as much time as possible. 

Boston Handyman Services

Boston Handyman Services

Boston Handyman Assembly and installations

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Boston Painting Services

What makes us Capable & Reliable Boston Handymen

Day before Notifications

We understand that homeowners and businesses have a busy schedule.  Our Boston handyman service wants to make our client process as easy as possible!  That being said, our handymen make sure that you will receive an appointment confirmation at least 24 hours prior to our team’s arrival.

Happy Clientelle

We base our success on a consistent amount of repeat business, due to excellent customer service.  Our expert workmanship and dedication to providing nothing but outstanding work is the heart and soul of our business.  The work is not complete until there is mutual satisfaction with the work performed by every person involved. 

Transparent PRicing

Our Boston and Winthrop clients appreciate knowing the amount of a project, prior to work being performed.  For an estimated handyman project, we strive to stay as close to the estimated price as possible.  Otherwise, for our clients in the Winthrop and Boston area, we charge $100 for the first hour and $40 for every additional hour.


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What do people want to know before hiring us?

When it comes to estimates and pricing, our Boston handymen take three things into account…

  1. The estimated time it will take to complete the job.
  2. The tools required to do the job right.  
  3. The level of experience required to do the job

We wish we could say that no job is too tough for us, but let’s be honest, everyone has their limits. That being said, we have a phenomenal network of highly qualified service professionals that we would be happy to put in touch with you if we are unable to complete the handyman project ourselves.

We have a full-service van that we keep stocked with high-quality tools and equipment.  So, don’t sweat it, we’ve got you covered!

Our Boston handymen include the price of materials in the quote.

We are 100% confident that you will be very happy with our Boston handyman service.  That being said, we take customer service very seriously and will not take a dime until the job is done right and to your satisfaction.